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I started PuddleJump Consulting as a boutique destination management company specializing in community-based tourism development. Much of my work has been with the small Inuit communities in northern Canada, however more recently I have begun to work with Indigenous groups and tour operators from around the world. My role is generally to help communities, governments, and business owners work with local indigenous people (and vice versa) to design and implement sustainable tourism plans and initiatives that foster mutually beneficial relationships.

I believe tourism can be a powerful driver of local economic development, which in turn can be used to enhance the social, cultural, and environmental fabric of a community. Better places to live are better places to visit, and in my work I enjoy figuring out how tourism might play a role in that equation for you while maintaining your uniqueness of character and sense of place.

For more information or to share some ideas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to connecting soon!

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Dan Kreuger, Founder, PuddleJump.org