Rebuilding Macroeconomics

The Social Macroeconomics working paper series aims to understand the role of human sociality within macroeconomic activity. 

Contributions to the series involve interdisciplinary research, bridging economics, social psychology, social neuroscience, sociology, anthropology, evolutionary biology and more.

The Social Macroeconomics working paper series rests on the following ideas:

  • economic cooperation requires social cooperation;
  • social cooperation has traditionally been shaped by social groups of limited size;
  • our bounds of social cooperation can be extended through strategic communication in the form of narratives, supported by multilevel governance;
  • these devices enable us to align our motives and interests within communities of shared identity;
  • the scale of our macroeconomic problems often exceeds the scale of our social groups;
  • effective macroeconomic policies require bounds of social cooperation that are consonant with the bounds of economic cooperation.

Global Solutions Initiative President Dennis J. Snower is responsible for the publications as co-director of the Social Macroeconomics program of the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford together with Sir Paul Collier, Professor of Economics and Public Policy.


Map lover, puzzler, builder of things. Work in tourism; passionate about poverty, mud-runs, inbound marketing and tribal cultures.