A Toast to Inter-Cultural Training

TMDan in Nunavik Here I am posing in front of the 20′ inuksuk found in the ever so beautiful Kuujuaq, Nunavik (northern Quebec), where I spent an exciting week (Feb 16-22) as one half of a team facilitating two inter-cultural workshops for senior management of the Kativik Regional Government. My partner for the week was Eva Papigatuk, originally from Salluit, but now living in southern Quebec.

Development of the workshops began in 2009 and were initially sparkedĀ  by local Inuit residents asking for “something to understand visitors better”. The project was headed up by Virginie Chadenet, and designed to give participants the opportunity to (more…)

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The “Little Red Book” is Published!

ICH Module 1

In the niche of cultural tourism – and a characteristic for many traveling into the arctic regions of Canada – it was noted in the market research that these educated, intrepid travelers try to “learn everything about their destination BEFORE arriving”. In other words, the destination becomes a passion for them during the pre-trip stages of their experience. They travel not so much to learn something new for the first time, as they do to validate what they have already learned.

This purchasing behavior presented a problem for the local Inuit guides as it (more…)

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