A Toast to Inter-Cultural Training

TMDan in Nunavik Here I am posing in front of the 20′ inuksuk found in the ever so beautiful Kuujuaq, Nunavik (northern Quebec), where I spent an exciting week (Feb 16-22) as one half of a team facilitating two inter-cultural workshops for senior management of the Kativik Regional Government. My partner for the week was Eva Papigatuk, originally from Salluit, but now living in southern Quebec.

Development of the workshops began in 2009 and were initially sparked¬† by local Inuit residents asking for “something to understand visitors better”. The project was headed up by Virginie Chadenet, and designed to give participants the opportunity to (more…)

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New Image for Nunavik Parks

GeoPleinAir Ad The past few weeks we’ve been putting together a new advertisement for the back cover of Geo Plein Air – a french-language adventure magazine in Quebec. It is part of a larger marketing initiative that I’m assisting Parcs Nunavik with which involves updating their marketing strategy and beginning to develop a brand identity for each of their parks. The project is led by Julie Dyotte and designer Thomassie Mangiok of Pirnoma Designs, who takes all of our ideas and turns them into amazing graphics like this. A great group of people to work with!

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Batwa Cultural Experience – Mt. Gahinga Lodge


In 1992, the Batwa (bush people) living in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest became conservation refugees when the area was turned into a World Heritage Site to protect the endangered mountain gorillas located within its boundaries. The Batwa were forcibly evicted from the park, and with no legally recognized title to land, they were offered no compensation. Displaced from their home, the Batwa community became a marginalized people overnight, forced to live in poverty as squatters scattered among the rocky outcrops in neighboring farmers fields.

Volcanoes Safaris, in close association with its non-profit arm Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust, has been working to create new (more…)

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