Are you putting the Social Cart before the Economic Horse?

“If every objection must be overcome, nothing will get done. Remember, it’s the economic horse that pulls the social cart.” – Chief Clarence Louie, Osoyoos Indian Band

horse-cartWhen I read this quote, I couldn’t help thinking that these words demonstrate a rare depth of understanding regarding community-based tourism development as it is applied in an aboriginal context, and that it further addresses (rather succinctly) something that is too often overlooked in the rhetoric of corporate social responsibility.

Specifically, Chief Louie clearly recognizes that (more…)

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Batwa and Volcanoes Safaris featured in TEMPUS

Batwa Article VSCheck out this month’s issue of TEMPUS magazine, which just hit the stands this week and features an in-depth exploration of the Batwa and the Virunga region of Rwanda and Uganda. This is the region where I did some work last Fall with Praveen Moman, owner of Volcanoes Safaris, and his staff at the Mt. Gahinga Lodge. It is written by Sophy Roberts, the journalist who traveled with our group, and has some great images by photographer Michael Turek.

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PATMB Planning for Success


In 2009, the Prince Albert Tourism & Marketing Bureau (PATMB) was formed to assume the responsibility for destination marketing and visitor services within the city of Prince Albert. The organization inherited a three-year community tourism development strategy titled “2010 and Beyond”. This strategy has not only run its course, but it was also found to be poorly (more…)

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